Making your after-bankruptcy mortgage payments on time doesn’t help your credit score one bit. Those payments don’t show at all. Instead your mortgage will just show "included in bankruptcy.". "Hold on" people say, "I didn’t include my mortgage.". Actually you did. When you file bankruptcy, you "include" everything.

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This feature of Chapter 13 is one reason why many people facing foreclosure opt for Chapter 13 over Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 13 and Foreclosure If you are in foreclosure when you file for Chapter 13, bankruptcy’s automatic stay -the order that stops most creditors in their tracks-puts a hold on the foreclosure.

Especially these days, the assignment is key evidence in a foreclosure case: With so many loans having been bought. good on their mortgages-end up getting steamrolled. “It’s How fast can I turn.

As a result, the team at Blue Water Mortgage has attached the chart below that we created to help a buyer understand the different wait times they can expect when trying to secure a home mortgage after a bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale. Keys to getting financing after one of these events: Waiting period has been met.

Can a Foreclosure Happen After Bankruptcy Discharged the Debt? This is a very difficult concept for many people to understand. Several lawyer site profess having trouble getting clients to see the difference between a debt and its lien on an asset.

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Before you decide that the fannie mae program is the only way to go, make sure to compare the rate and terms that you are able to obtain on other loans, including the FHA Back to Work Program. Many people shy away from FHA loans, thinking they are only for first-time homebuyers, when in fact, they are for anyone that qualifies.

How To Qualify for a VA Home Loan AFTER Foreclosure? When combined with other actions that often go along with a bankruptcy, such as a loan default or foreclosure, credit can plummet and make it very difficult for debtors to qualify for any type of financing at all. This is the primary barrier to getting a loan after filing for bankruptcy, although other restrictions may apply.