Pros: AFFORDABLE – Modular homes tend to be more affordable than traditional houses. This is because a large portion of the home construction is completed inside a factory. Work is conducted in a controlled climate and there are fewer costly interruptions.

Usually, warranties on new construction homes offer limited coverage on workmanship and materials. Some coverage is offered for just the first year (for siding, doors, and trim, for example); some for two years (often for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical), and some for a decade for major structural defects.

Learn the pros and cons of buying a new home vs. an older one. There are many issues to ponder, including construction, character, and convenience.

 · In most cases, wood is light and it allows for quick and easy construction without the hassle of hiring heavy machinery and large cash injections. But, like any building material, it has its own pros and cons. Pros of wood construction. It’s faster. It almost goes without saying that wood frame homes can be put together much faster than concrete homes.

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Pros and Cons of New Construction. Statistically, when most buyers are given the choice between brand-new or used, the majority will choose new. There’s something alluring about a brand new home that’s built just the way you like it. In today’s current market, new homes are more affordable than you might think.

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New Construction or Existing Homes: The Pros and Cons of Both Some people hate hand-me-downs; others like things with a history. When it comes to housing, new construction has a never-been-touched attraction, while existing homes have stories to tell.

Since modular homes appreciate they are treated the same as a site built home by banks unlike mobile homes which are very hard to be financed since they lose value over time. Cons: WAIT TIME – As with new site-built homes you can’t move into your new modular home until construction is complete.

Cons of investing in new construction homes Paying retail prices Even after taking into consideration the "rich" incentives builders offer, the price you ultimately pay for the property is the retail market value of the home or pretty damn close to it.